“Heal Me” Rose Quartz Bracelet


As soft and serene as a passing cloud, our Rose Quartz Bracelet is sunlight on snow; a stone of love that can melt even the hardest of hearts. For those who long to crack open their heart chakra, this rosy stone will rescue you.

“I open my heart to the universe and invite healing in.” 

Rose Quartz is all about bringing gentle, positive vibes and plenty of self-love into the beat of your own heart.

Unsurprising, the Rose Quartz is well-connected to the Heart Chakra, but its positive vibrations run from tip-to-toe, keeping you feeling calm and stable in your core no matter what chaos is around you. Along with gifting self-radiance, Rose Quartz also invites accelerated physical healing.

Rumored to be the blood of Adonis and Aphrodite mingled, Rose Quartz is beauty, love, and deepest desire. ✨