Self Awareness Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst is a beautiful stone that pairs well with any wardrobe. 

  • Healing powers. Amethysts help keep negative energy away. They are also helpful for stress relief and anxiety disorders.
  • Protection. Used by many cultures as a form of protection from bad spirits or dangerous situations.
  • Spirituality. Many who practice healing with crystals say the amethyst is sensitive enough to tap into the spiritual energy of the afterlife.
  • Mysticism. Some say this semi-precious stone helps elevate one's work with intuition.
  • Purity. Cleanse your environment of toxic energy by placing an amethyst stone in the sun on your windowsill. For the full energy cleaning effect, do this daily.
  • Peace. Meditations with an amethyst stone summon the highest levels of self-awareness and balance.
  • Dreams. If you need to take control of your dreams or manifest a successful sleep schedule, sleeping with an amethyst under your pillow helps.

Stone Size(approx.):18~30x20~21mm
Metal finished: Gold Plated brass

Natural amethyst may have natural cracks, we will send similar items by randomly.

Items are made of natural amethyst with lead free nickel free Gold plated.