Hi my beautiful vibers!

Thank you for coming to my website and vibing with me, I would like to share some history on who you are trusting with your energy & health..

I’ve always felt inclined to heal others and be the friend or stranger that gave them advise and has been there as a support before I stumbled upon holistic healing & health.

In 2018 my family and I lost a very precious soul, my grandmother. The lost of her physically took a toll on me & I felt as I was rapidly diving into a dark mental space. It was then when I discovered the healing powers of smudging my home, my body, meditation, and the power of manifestation. Which is what saved me..

I began studying, learning & practicing different ways to protect myself from all negativity that clung onto me and began promoting ways to bring positive vibrations and peace into my lifestyle. I came to a realization that we all need a balance and also some time apart from the chaos and chores of our every day life.

It all started during the 2020 global pandemic quarantine that I began listening and healing myself. During this time I began to promote more self care, meditation, focused on my mental health & felt more aware of my spiritual intuition. I grew into a better version of myself, someone I admired through the reflection of my mirror.

During this time I decided I wanted to share this happiness, peace, growth and healing with everyone and this is when Holistic Energy Flow was born. My objective is to provide women and men of all ages with the tools, guidances and support that will lead them to a better life and health, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Every item I’ve included in my website is a representation and tool I have used during my healing, growth, peace and most importantly brought me happiness.

May they bring the same to you & more.


Holistic Energy Flow