Bachelor Pad Room & Linen Spray

Our Bachelor Pad Linen Spray freshens up linens with gentle ingredients that leave a soothing scent behind.
Inspired by aromatherapy, this deodorizing mist is formulated without aerosols, dyes, propellants, and synthetic fragrances making it perfectly safe for those with allergies and sensitive skin.
  • 100% PURE INGREDIENTS - our formula is simple: a freshening deodorizer infused with lavender essential oils. No aerosols, dyes, propellants, or synthetic fragrances.
  • INSPIRED BY AROMATHERAPY - lavender soothes the body and mind to promote relaxation and happiness.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL FABRIC TYPES, you can use this linen spray to freshen all clothes, baby clothes, delicates, towels, bedding, and more
  • ULTRA-FINE MIST WITH 360 COVERAGE, just pump once for a continuous mist that revives linens in one spritz.

Our Room + Linen sprays are also strategically infused with natural gemstones. It’s believed that the potent energy within these crystals has the power to influence human energy, both at a physical and spiritual level. 

We also recommend repeating an affirmation or setting an intention while using our sprays, and by doing so it may improve their effectiveness and amplifies any purported healing properties.

Bachelor Pad Room + Linen spray can be used to remove bad odors and infuse linens, clothing, or rooms with more pleasant smells. They are effective at removing odors such as strong food smells or smoke. Using linen sprays between laundry cycles is an easy way to freshen up and improve the smell of clothing and linens.



Shake before spray.  

Qty: (1) 4 oz glass bottle