Orange Blossom Water - Love, Luck, Money, Spiritual Grounding

The orange blossom, known by the name of aromatherapy neroli, are used in esoteric for everything related to the fidelity, conjugal love, marriage and the union.
This water is used primarily spiritual, therefore, when you want to promote fidelity and attract true love. But its use is not limited to this course. Orange, like solar plant, is also linked to wealth and success, that's why this colony is also famous for its economic implications, especially if you want to attract a wealthy man. 
If you want to attract men at sex with the economic purpose you can mix Rose Water and Kananga Water to obtain a preparation that traditionally creates a seductive allure of course, but also useful to move money and finance. In this case it would be good to add to the mix a current bill or a copy of a check payable to themselves bearing a significant amount to their advantage.

Magical properties for orange blossom include luck, love, money, happiness, spiritual grounding, peace, and stability.

Size and Packaging
•             Orange Blossom Cologne 4 oz.
•             One 4 oz. (ml) Cologne  
•             Packaged in Clear Plastic Bottle