Rose of Jericho Plant - Resurrection Flower


Origin: Mexico

Botanical name: Selaginella Lepidophylla

TRUE ROSE OF JERICHO- Selaginella Lepidophylla is sometimes called true rose of Jericho.  It is famed for its ability to be unrooted and starved for water for years while being able to quickly regain color and bloom into beautiful green ferns after just a few hours of water exposure

REAL JERICHO ROSE- This spike moss will arrive looking desolate, dusty, and brown; Simply place in a dish with water for temporary blooming of the plant; Within a few hours the plant will start to spread out, and vibrancy and green will return to the leaves

The Rose of Jericho is a truly incredible plant. It is known by many names, including dinosaur plant, resurrection flower, and True Jericho Rose. All of these names reflect the fact that it is a plant that goes from appearing dead or dying and quickly becomes vibrant and green. While it can be in its dormant or dead looking plant for decades, as soon as it gets introduced to water, the fern like fronds quickly turn green and full, and unfurl for a beautiful looking masterpiece.

It is this ability to consistently come back to life is what gives Jericho Rose it's magical and spiritual properties.

In spiritual practices, its believed to have the following properties or spiritual energy:

  • Brings Peace, Prosperity and Abundance to a Home or Business
  • Protects against illness and all types of negative energies
  • and vibrations.
  • Used as a type of Holy Water to bless people, objects etc

How to work with your Rose of Jericho:

There are many ways to work with Jericho Roses. The first

step after buying your plant is to find a large enough bowl

for the plant to fit in. Jericho Roses open up quite wide


Hold the plant in your hands for a few minutes before you

place it in the chosen vessel, take a moment to feel the

energy of the plant. Sit and pray, meditate or give

affirmations to the spirit of the plant.

After you charge/pray with your Jericho Rose, place it in the chosen vessel.

The next step is to add water to your plant. You can use Holy Water, River Water, Lake Water or even just plain tap water. Fresh water is best, as salty waters may have an adverse effect on the plant.

After the Jericho Rose is in its vessel, light a candle of your size & choosing near the plant (don't let the flame get too close of course).

Every week or so, change the water so it's always fresh and clear. Keep this water for use later on, we'll explain further below.

Place coins in the water so your Jericho Rose always keep abundance and prosperity growing and coming to your home or business. Some people will also leave crystals "charging" on top of their Jericho Rose from time to time.

Some people choose to let the Jericho Rose dry out every once in awhile and then let it come "back" to life as a form of abundance and prosperity work. You can do this if you choose, some people will completely submerge their Jericho Rose, others will only keep the bottom part covered in water.

Jericho Rose after it's placed in Water

As for the water you saved, it's truly amazing and can be

used in many ways.

  • Sprinkle the water around your home or business for general blessings and good fortune.
  • Make a cross on the back of your front door for added protection.
  • Add Jericho Rose Water to floor washes and baths for Money Drawing and Abundance Work.
  • Use as a "Holy Water" to keep out evil spirits and energies.
  • Sprinkle water around you home or office if energies are stagnant or unpleasant, Jericho Rose Water brings peaceful vibrations to environments.
  • Wash the outside of your candles before burning them for added blessing and good luck in your work.
  • Bless your favorite jewelry with Jericho Rose Water.

Qty: (1) Jericho Rose Plant - 3”-4”