Bladderwrack + Seamoss + Burdock Root (Mega Boost)


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Burdock Root - comes from the burdock plant which is related to sunflowers and is part of the daisy family. It is the root of the plant that is primarily used for healthy skin, soothes eczema, weight loss, fights arthritis, promotes healthy liver, cures tonsillitis, balances blood sugar levels, rids kidney and gallbladder stones, prevents cancer, immune booster, assist with PMS symptoms and is a great blood purifier. 

Seamoss - has 92 minerals out of the 102 our body consist of, supports oxygenation of cells, improves nutrient absorption, nourished and beautifies skin, hair & nails. Boost immunity, increases energy, reduces inflammation, helps eliminate excessive mucus, suppresses appetite  and provides key nutrients during fasting. Soothes digestive track.

Bladderwrack - Helps with obesity, increases weight loss, reduces inflammation and pain, helps treat thyroid disorders and used extensively to treat goitre, a swelling of the thyroid gland related to iodine deficiency.* Prevents development of cataracts, gives relief from bloating and cramping also reduces relief from stroke & heart attacks. 

Not Recommended it Pregnant or Breastfeeding. 
Has a salty, fishy taste. Can be masked with smoothies or in soups/stews. - If taste is a concern we recommend our Seamoss Bladderwrack Capsules. 

 Qty: (1) 16oz Jar

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  • Perishable – Must Stay Refrigerated**

Mega Boost Supplements (60 ct)



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