FOR HIM - Beard + Face Oil


Our “For Him” Beard oil can promote beard growth by naturally moisturizing the skin underneath your beard. This removes unwanted dead skin cells and other impediments to fast facial hair growth. Our beard oil will penetrate your facial hair pores, enhancing your whisker’s elasticity and stimulating speedy beard growth.

Our delicately formula can promote growth, strength and hydrate even the scratchiest beards. Applying our “For Him” beard oil to your beard and the skin underneath also prevents that stubborn growing-in stubble itch, which can cause even the most beard-committed to give in to shaving before a full beard grows in.

Our formulated oil plumps up Collagen production and give your beard a fuller and more healthy appearance.

Available as a 2oz kit & 1 oz individual bottle.

Ingredients: Argan, Coconut, Babassu, Vitamin E, Sesame Seed, Avocado, Evening Prim Rose, Thyme, Hemp Seed, Jojoba Oil & Premium Essential Oils. Infused with medicinal herbs & rosemary.