Frankincense Resin


Frankincense: Provides protection, purification, spiritual awareness, antidepressant. This powerful resin produces a heightened spiritual awareness. One study revealed how frankincense works as an effective antidepressant and stress reliever. It’s said to enhance intuition and clairvoyance, and is ideal to use before meditation.

Frankincense was also once worth more than its weight in gold. However, the tree that provides this resin is now seriously at risk of extinction, our resin has been sustainably harvested.

Frankincense Resin has a variety of healing properties. It is traditionally used to shift the emotional, spiritual and vibrational state of a person. In many ancient cultures it was burned in spaces where the sick were held.

Frankincense Resin is an amazing purifier used to purify a space or the physical body. Many people burn it during meditation and breath work for clarity and to open up the third eye.

Frankincense Resin is associated with the sun which makes it a great offering to solar and fire Gods. Frankincense Resin is also associated with Good Luck and burned during Good Luck Rituals or to bless amulets for Good Luck.

Botanical Name: Boswellia Carteri
Element Correspondences: Air, Fire
Planetary Correspondences: Sun
Zodiac Correspondences:   Leo
Magickal Uses: Cleansing, Exorcism, Meditation, Generally Lift the Spirits, Purification, Protection, Spirituality, Sacred Space Preparation, Consecration, Blessing, Love, Courage, Ward Off Evil, Illumination, Ceremonial Incense.
Magickal Tip: Burn Frankincense prior to ceremony to purify your sacred space & welcome illumination.
Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd)  / Crown Chakra (7th)

Resins can be burned on charcoal, cauldron or directly in fire.

2oz. of Natural Resin

Includes Roll of 10 Charcoal Tablets

***For external use only. Not a food product. Dangerous or Fatal if Swallowed. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately. Not intended for pharmaceutical purposes.***

***Sold as a curio only.  Results not guaranteed.***