Govinda - Añil - Blue Indigo - Purification + Protection


Blue squares - Indigo - Añil are known and used for their ability to cleanse your home from negative energy and spirits.

A traditional way to use the blue square in spiritualism is by adding water to a clear glass of water, add 1 camphor tablet and 1 blue square to keep negative energies and spirits at bay. Place fixed water behind your entrance of your door. 

Use with Holy water or Florida water to rid a house of curses, evil and jinxes. Dissolve in water, add a pinch of salt, and pray the 23 Psalm over the water, making the sign of the cross over the water. Use this water in a spiritual bath, floor wash, or add it to your laundry. Adding it to your laundry will whiten and purify your clothing. 

Añil is also used to keep away nightmares. Put a cup of water with bluing in it by your bedside. 

(1) - One Square per package. 

***For external use only. Not a food product. Dangerous or Fatal if Swallowed. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately. Not intended for pharmaceutical purposes.***
***Sold as a curio only.  Results not guaranteed.***