Money Jackpot Soap - Money Magnet/Attract Abundance


Create your own reality by setting your sites on riches coming your way. Just like candles set your intentions and allow the soap to hold and help manifest for you. 

Use before going to casino, handling any financial legal matters, going to work interviews, talking to boss about raise or promotion, playing the lottery, working on altar or spiritual money manifestation workings. 

📝 Instructions: Wash with it while meditating on attracting good fortune and money.

PLEASE NOTE: This soap does NOT have any physical monetary money or coins in it. To extend the life of the soap, please place on a well-drained soap dish or wire rack to allow the soap to dry out between uses.

Qty: (1) 3.3 oz Bar 

Item sold as Curio
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External Use Only
Test on skin before using