Money Magnet Intention Candle (3 wicks)


Money magnet candles are coated with a special blend of magickal ingredients to help you attract fast money, steady money, opportunities, success, abundance, and prosperity. They are also candles are anointed with money drawing conjure oil. If you are looking to transform your financial situation, draw in more business into your life, find a more fulfilling or better paying job, this intention candle is certainly for you.

After the candle burns, the crystals can be cleaned of wax residue and carried with, so you can continue to benefit from its properties.

The Ritual- Set your intention into the candle. Write it down & place it under the candle. Light and manifest!

 Each candle is cleansed before I ship out to you, and is made with Love, Light & positive energy. Feel the good vibes surround you!

Scent: Rose 14.5 oz
Clean burn for up to 45 hours


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