Myrrh Resin


Myrrh: Provides clearing, spiritual connection, healing. In the Bible, the story goes that myrrh was one of the gifts given to baby Jesus from the wise men (along with frankincense and gold). That tale shows just how significant this tree resin truly is. It was also used during the mummification process as an embalming substance, and the ancient Egyptians also used myrrh for healing, as well as spiritual rituals. The sacred resin not only helps to maintain a state of enlightenment, but also clears negative energy and illusions that stand in the way of seeing the truth.

If you do any work at all with aromatherapy, chances are good you’ve encountered the scent of myrrh at some point. Much like frankincense, myrrh is not an herb but a resin, and appears with some relevance in a number of religious and spiritual contexts.

Burn myrrh, combined with frankincense, in rituals related to banishing. In some magical traditions, myrrh is incorporated into workings to break hexes and curses, or for protection against magical and psychic attack.

Botanical Name:  Commiphora Molmol
Element Correspondences: Air / Water
Planetary Correspondences: Sun / Moon 
Zodiac Correspondences:  Cancer / Leo

Magickal Uses:  Spirituality, Divination, Healing, Meditation, Energy Amplifier, Raising Vibrations, Peace, Renewal, Consecration, Blessings, Intuition Strengthening, Hex Removal, Moon Rituals, Third Eye Healing & Activation.

You can also blend myrrh into an incense to use for purifying sacred spaces, or to consecrate magical tools and other items.

If you’re feeling stressed out, try this: burn some myrrh nearby to help relax and calm your nerves. Another great option? You can also put it in a pouch and place it under your pillow, to bring about restful and peaceful sleep.

2oz. of Natural Resin

Includes Roll of 10 Charcoal Tablets

***For external use only. Not a food product. Dangerous or Fatal if Swallowed. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately. Not intended for pharmaceutical purposes.***

***Sold as a curio only.  Results not guaranteed.***