New Moon 🌙 Himalayan + Hawaiian Lava Salt Bath Soak

$8 $10

There is nothing like a luxurious, rejuvenating, and amazing smelling bathing experience! Our New Moon bath soaks guarantee that experience.

New Moon 🌙 is made of high quality black lava salt from Hawaii. In fact, Black Salt is a kind of salts infused with activated charcoal from lava. It is known for detoxifying benefits and providing essential minerals. 

Our herb-infused bath soaks are intentionally created to cleanse your mind, body and spirit. Relax and wash away any negative energy you may have picked up from the day. New Moon is combined with Himalayan salt, Black Hawaiian Lava Salt,  therapeutic essential oils, and dried Lavender + Rose Petals.

Our combination naturally soothe sore muscles and helps detoxify the body and works great together to create an invigorating and relaxing bath.

Makes a beautiful gift for your loved ones. For Valentines Day, New Mom Relaxation Gift, Baby Showers, Wedding favors, or treat yourself with luxurious pleasure.

- 1 Test Tube 80 ML