Blackmaca Seamoss (Stamina + Libido)


Maca root powder is very nutritious, and is a great source of several important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, copper and iron. Maca root is a good source of carbs, is low in fat and contains a fair amount of fiber.

It Increases Libido in Men and Women

Reduced sexual desire is a common problem among adults. Maca has been heavily marketed as being effective at improving sexual desire, and this claim is backed by research. 

It May Increase Fertility in Men

Maca can increase sperm production and improve sperm quality, thereby enhancing fertility in men.

It May Help Relieve Symptoms of Menopause

Maca can improve symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes and disrupted sleep at night.

Maca Can Improve Your Mood

Maca may improve your mental well-being and mood by reducing depression and anxiety, especially in menopausal women.

It May Boost Sports Performance and Energy

Supplementing with maca may improve exercise performance, particularly during endurance events. However, its effects on muscle mass and strength have yet to be studied.

It May Improve Learning and Memory

Some evidence indicates that maca, in particular the black variety, can improve learning and memory.

It May Reduce Prostate Size

A large prostate is common among older men and can cause issues with urination. Animal studies suggest that red maca can reduce prostate size.

Qty: (1) 16oz Jar

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  • Perishable – Must Stay Refrigerated**



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