Rose Water Cologne - Romance/Lust, Beauty, Peace, Luck

4 oz:

The rose is known as “ the queen of the flowers”, one of the most beautiful, praised and valued flowers in many cultures. Rose Cologne is distilled from real rose petals, and is used to promote love, harmony, good luck, and to bring peace in relationships.

Rose Cologne is a lovely fragrant cologne which is used in various traditions. You can leave a full bottle on your altar as an offering to the spirit. Sprinkling a little around a room leaves a fresh and pleasant scent of roses. Add Rose Cologne to a spray bottle and spray to fill the room with love ( add two tablespoons to a bottle with water or rose water) . If you would like a relaxing ritual, add rose cologne to a crystal bath to give it that extra kick or simply use it by itself. A few small dabs will last for hours. Rose cologne is perfect for love spells and rituals.

Colonia de Rosas can be used on its own or in conjunction with or after clearing the energies with Florida Water. It is made by Lanman & Kemp, the manufacturers of Florida Water. 

I attract love into my life Effortlessly.

Size and Packaging
•             Rose Water Cologne 8 oz.
•             One 8 oz. ( ml) Cologne  
•             Packaged in Clear Plastic Bottle