Decenario Bracelet


The bracelets are actually one decade rosaries, but have come to be known by the simple name: decenario.

The name ‘decenario’ comes from the Spanish word meaning ‘decenar’ or ten. The ten knots on the decenario are used by people to help them meditate while saying prayers and reflecting on life.

Today, decenarios still carry strong spiritual significance. Wearers of the decenario bracelets say they bring them comfort and good luck.

In Spanish custom, they are given to celebrate births, first Communions and religious wedding. Nowadays they have become really popular and a must have accessory. They are said to bring good luck and each color has a meaning. they are a great accessory to wear in when you are out and about and even to the pool and beach. Decenarios Cool also makes anklets versions of the bracelet and they look really great!

Red: Represents passion, to love. Also said to improve your self esteem. Confidence, courage, vitality.

Black: Serenity,stability.